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Hands-on workshop to get you to your next subscriber count milestone.

Applications Closed for September 2020

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Free Videos to check out what we're doing inside the workshop this month. Check back for regular updates.

What's a GOLD Standard Newsletter?


Goal: Get to next X,000 Subscriber MilestoneGrouped with Newsletters at same SubcountHands-on Workshop with Andrew KampheyAll of September. Apply Now.Free Software Trials


You'll join a workshop group with the same milestone goal as you. We'll share tactics, strategies and cheer each other on.

We'll read each other's work and give honest feedback.


I'll share with you exactly what I did to get to 7,225 Subscribers. We'll all share. I'll give tactical advice for you in the form of Loom videos.

You'll find out what worked, what didn't work, and what might work for you.


Workshop begins Sept 1st. And runs through out September. Apply Now.

I'll run each and every group so even if you're the only one to apply, the workshop will run!


All groups will be on Telegram.

Each group will be created by peers in the same place you are, and myself.

Each group will be comprised of newsletter writers all vying for the same milestone.

1k to 2k2k to 3k3k to 4k4k to 5k5k to 6k6k to 7k7k to 8k8k and up.
Even if you are close to the next milestone please include your real subscriber count as of today. Do not round it.

Free Software

Extended Trial of Pigeon CRMPersonal Onboarding to HypeLetterPotentially more, stay tuned and apply.


Applications close for Sept 2020. Fill out below to be notified of the next workshop

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